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About my works
The discovery of looking

Ever since I can remember I have felt this ability to look at colour and filter through the layers that stand before me.  Seeing through colour to its essence, to how it makes me feel - its energy. 


Inspiration often comes from my love of nature, but the people in my life and humanity itself also cast their own colours and inspire me to paint. 


Colour is an interpretation of the light in a moment and is ever changing but sometimes impressions of colour are so strongly imprinted on me, that when I come to paint, I try to unravel the layers for myself and to share them with others.


My paintings are perhaps ideas rather than painted actualities, landscapes of light that give an idea of a place or an effect, an abstract mirror.


I feel working on large canvases allows one to walk through those scenes, to be encompassed by them and to allow oneself to be absorbed by that essence of colour.

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